Key features –

  • Fully integrated end-to-end solution
  • Digital asset management (DAM)
  • InDesign artwork and template creation
  • Online artwork proofing and approval
  • Campaign planning
  • Task Management
  • Store Profiling
  • E-procurement and payment platform
  • Supply and contract management
  • Tendering
  • Estimating

Benefits –

  • Holistic approach from artwork creation to delivery
  • Uniform approach to procurement across a business
  • Transparent supplier costs and vendor independence
  • Strategic supplier management helping to reduce suppliers and maximise purchasing power
  • Price re-negotiation and instant industry benchmarking
  • Ability to split out materials costs and production costs

Complis® provides an integrated, end-to-end solution to help print management companies manage every aspect of outsourced print procurement on behalf of their clients whilst offering their clients added value services.

Increasingly, especially with second and third generation print management contracts, the ability to provide further savings is a major challenge.

Through the development of an end-to-end procurement and marketing solution Complis® greatly reduces transaction costs through the streamlining of previously labour intensive workflows.

Powerful built in reports allow Print Managers to provide real-time management information to enable correct decision making, thereby reducing stock obsolescence, streamlining business processes, and identifying ways to improve profitability based on factual information.

Stock Control & Warehousing

Key features –

  • Multiple warehouses
  • Stock ownership and control
  • First-In, First-Out
  • Real-time stock allocation
  • Forecasting
  • Stock control with full audit control
  • Automatic re-order level calculation
  • Perpetual Inventory

Benefits –

  • Real-time visibility of stock
  • Improves picking accuracy
  • Improves accountability and reliability of picks
  • Faster response times
  • Real-time tracking information
  • Improved availability
  • Reduced stock
  • Accurate stock levels

Complis® provides seamless management of your stock.

When call-off orders are raised Complis® provides you with real-time stock availability and then routes your requirements to the correct warehouse for fulfilment. Many online ordering solutions do not have direct access to live stock, but as Complis® is a single solution, it controls the stock as well as the real-time allocation of that stock to the orders for fulfilment.

Stock ownership is also managed seamlessly by Complis®, allowing stock to be invoiced on receipt or on despatch and for any aged stock to be recharged at the click of a button. Complis® also ensures that you don’t forget to charge for aged stock - reminders will automatically be sent to the product manager in advance.

To keep everything on track, anything that goes into stock is labelled and recorded in Complis®, as a result these items can only be moved, picked or dispatched by scanning the correct item. This applies to stock at your suppliers or external warehousing too – giving you full control and peace of mind.

Barcoded stock locations, batch labels and picking notes ensure that all stock is received, moved and picked correctly, with verification of all transactions to avoid miss-picks. The despatching of orders can also be seamlessly integrated with your couriers to ensure that you only enter information once. This also provides tracking feedback with proof of delivery information available to you and your customers.

Supply Chain Management

Key features –

  • Maintain a sustainable viable supplier base
  • Align suppliers to strategic business needs
  • Manage supplier reviews, service updates and accreditation renewals
  • Provide regular accurate management information and spend analysis across the whole supply base

Benefits –

  • Speed up key supplier assessment and selection
  • Reduce spend leakage to non-core category suppliers
  • Leverage critical category spend
  • Mitigate risk of interrupted supply

Complis® stores and manages accreditations, key company information and capabilities. It monitors supplier performance enabling Supplier Managers to strategically define, classify, and measure across a diverse supply base.

Supplier Managers rely on their strategic supplier network - Complis® supports continuous improvement initiatives through constant monitoring, reporting and analysis of key supplier performance.

All your supplier details integrate seamlessly into the day-to-day procurement process ensuring only certified and approved suppliers can be used. This helps you adhere to regulations whilst adopting best practices that cut costs and risk without additional administration.

Research conducted by the Aberdeen Group shows that best-in-class systems, such as Complis®, typically saves customers on average 23% of their previous spend by adopting easy-to-use best practice techniques and significantly reducing administrative tasks.

With built in supply chain intelligence and by interacting directly with suppliers, Complis® helps speed up your procurement process and prevent costly mistakes.

Document Management

Key features –

  • Enables instant access via powerful document management solution
  • Integrates with a range of document scanning systems
  • Automatically scalable solution
  • Enables users to remotely access documents as indexed scanned images
  • Complies with PCI DSS and the Fundraising Code of Practice requirements

Benefits –

  • Instant search and retrieval
  • Secure remote user access via a secure Complis® user login
  • Allows users to search on unique metadata to find the relevant document

Organisations today need instant access to information and Complis® enables this using its powerful document management solution. It integrates with a range of document scanning systems and enables users to remotely access documents as scanned images (even if there are millions of them), which have been indexed for instant retrieval.

Complis® Document Management does this by:

  • Automatically uploading documents once they have been scanned to the secure Complis® document archive
  • Indexing the images using Metadata provided by the scanning software for instant search
  • Automatically creating a thumbnail image of the documents, which remote users can review
  • Allowing users to search on unique metadata e.g. name, unique reference, account code, date or keyword searches to find the relevant document
  • Providing secure remote user access to the archive via a secure Complis® user login
  • Creating page turning pdfs to simplify searching of multipage documents

The Complis® document management solution is used by a wide range of industries including Financial Services, HR and major UK and international charities to manage the end-to-end receipt and processing of charitable donation responses.

Complis® document management is an automatically scalable solution which removes customer concerns about storage space or the volume of documents they use. We hold many millions of images which are instantly retrievable at any time, day or night.

Access to each client’s archives is managed using secure user logins and all client’s archives are segregated to avoid unauthorised access.

Our solution complies with PCI DSS and the Fundraising Code of Practice requirements in relation to storage sensitive personal data and specific data is redacted at the point of scanning to prevent unauthorised access.

Project Management

Key features –

  • Campaign briefs
  • Requirements
  • Budgets
  • Estimates
  • Orders
  • Multi-media campaigns
  • Manage all items simultaneously

Benefits –

  • Improved control
  • Full visibility of costs and margins
  • Full visibility of progress and exceptions
  • Save time and money
  • Automated progress chasing
  • Repeat campaigns

Campaigns can be managed in Complis® as projects, with client briefs, budgets, tasks, estimates, and more, all in one place. These can then be viewed, reported, and managed collectively providing a fast and efficient way to keep you on track.

Automatic progress chasing and escalation processes save you time and keep things moving, even when you are on the move.

Digital Asset Management

Key features –

  • Free up resources by making the right assets available, to the right people, when they require it
  • Controlled access to each asset and what users can do with it
  • Audit trail each time the asset is accessed, modified (version control) or used
  • Automatic e-book thumbnail and e-creation of files to speed up browsing and viewing
  • Automatically resize and optimise image resolution for print and online channels

Benefits –

  • Asset security, preventing assets from getting lost or misplaced
  • Protects the value of your brand
  • Improves collaboration and avoid duplication

The challenge to centralise, search and distribute assets is key. With a Complis® DAM you can securely access your files and collaborate easily with other stakeholder.

As well as the efficiencies of being able to access everything in the same place - all your assets and data work together. Your artwork links to the product specifications which links to stock history, so you have an instant audit trail of who purchased each product, where from, which version of artwork was used and where all the goods were sent to.

The Complis® Content Management System (CMS) is completely integrated with other parts of Complis®, such as Digital Asset Management, Web2Print and procurement. It gives you the ability to make changes in one place which automatically updates all media. Replacing an image in Complis® will automatically update content pages, email broadcasts, artwork and Web2Print templates.

Asset Approval & Online Proofing

Key features –

  • Built-in artwork pre-flighting
  • Asset approval workflows
  • Online proofing

Benefits –

  • Fixes potential problems
  • Total compliance and visibility of the approval process

We’re making everyone’s lives a lot easier by utilising best in class Adobe InDesign for Complis®’ built in DAM to create your artwork ready for instant proofing. No more stress on design departments; templates can be set up for any artwork and ordered online using Complis®.

Using the power of Callas pdfToolbox* integrated into Complis®, all PDF files that are uploaded can be configured to be checked or fixed using standard or bespoke rules. Delivered with over 30 industry standard options to inspect or fix PDF files automatically, providing you and your customers with built in automatic quality control and automatic fixing of common artwork problems such as RGB images, low resolution images or missing fonts.

*Callas licence required

Complis® supports all relevant PDF pre-flight standards. It can inspect PDF files or simply fix them fully automatically. All according to your guidelines: use default pre-flight profiles or customize them to fit your needs. Complis® supports:

  • International standards, such as ISO PDF/X, PDF/A, PDF/UA, PDF/VT etc.
  • National standards, such as the Ghent Workgroup, PDF/X-Ready etc.

Industries that are highly regulated, such as Financial Services, need to maintain a full audit of any changes made to copy, images and artwork used to market their products. Complis® has been developed to provide total compliance and visibility of the approval process.

Complis® improves the processes involved in approving highly complex documents across disparate workgroups. Complis® achieves this by creating seamless and efficient workflows based on your current business rules and by keeping relevant stakeholders informed of the current status of any asset in the approval process - all in real-time and fully auditable.

Complis® proofing workflow is smooth and easy to manage. Not only has Complis® accelerated client’s review and approval process, but it will also save a significant amount of time and cost on hard proofing. If you still require hard/physical proofs then Complis® will also manage and record the process for you.

Store Profiling

Key features –

  • Increased speed to market
  • Reduced administration
  • Up to date store profile and contact information
  • Eliminates obsolescence
  • Reduced warehousing and storage
  • Centralised control of all stores

Benefits –

  • Allows marketing to concentrate on core business
  • Reduces wastage
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Reduced cost of manufacture
  • Maximises customer exposure to relevant targeted messaging

Complis® Store Profiler helps retail marketers deliver the right POS package for each type of store in their portfolio, based on their specific store profile and location.

Complis® Store Profiler does this by centralising operational administration and building up a database of unique attributes for each store:

  • Location
  • Store size
  • Product range
  • Signage requirements
  • Customer footfall and profile
  • Creating a database of all available marketing collateral by type, product, reference, etc.
  • Fixtures and fittings
  • Analysing and defining the exact quantities of marketing collateral each store requires
  • Creating a detailed fulfilment/kitting list, by store
  • Maximising customer exposure to product marketing by selective positioning
  • Creating optimised delivery profiles for onward distribution


Key features –

  • Powered by Adobe InDesign
  • WYSIWYG Designer
  • Intelligent default values
  • Intelligent query-based selection lists
  • Bulk import data
  • Optional approvals
  • DAM integration
  • Supplier Integration

Benefits –

  • Reduce design costs
  • Maintain brand consistency
  • Bulk artwork creation

Complis® online artwork is created using the industry standard Adobe InDesign, with some added Complis® magic. Artwork templates can be built from an existing InDesign file or created from scratch in our WYSIWYG interface. Images come from the DAM in Complis®, and all finished artwork goes back into Complis®, automatically linked to the purchase order and sales order and fully version controlled. Automatic population of images and text can be intelligently configured based on the user, minimising the number of templates required.

Complis® web2print allows you to reduce your design costs and offer flexibility whist protecting your brand and corporate identity.

Communication & Traceability

Key features –

  • Ticketing system
  • Real time chat
  • Journalling
  • Customer/Supplier Relations Manager

Benefits –

  • Full audit trail
  • Information can be shared in real time
  • Chats can be linked to specific areas of the system
  • Prospective business can be viewed at a glance

Complis offers many features to help with communication between yourself and your customers. You can link chats to specific areas of the system or use the ticketing system for more general information. This gives you flexibility and traceability throughout.

As well as this all areas of the system journal any changes made, just click on the Audit Trail button in the area you are in to see who changed what when, giving you peace of mind and security.

The Customer/Supplier Relations Manager allows you to see all Companies at a glance with colour coded areas for Active, Prospective etc. Time saving and easy to filter with the ability to drag and drop companies between stages.

The ability to share everything simultaneously has made our workflow incredibly simple. At any point in our process, I’m able to know who has made a decision or comment and when. I’m a big fan of Complis®”

Studio Manager, Retailer

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