Complis® is registered in the United Kingdom, registration number 05618014. It was founded in 2010 as a Private Limited Company by Lee Eyre as the Technical Director and System Architect, and Anthony Gill as an entrepreneur and financial investor.

Complis® is built on many years of experience of building and integrating software solutions as a best practice fully integrated solution. It provides many companies around the world with advanced features, some of whom use selected features and some who use the complete end- to-end workflow, but all streamline their businesses using Complis®.

Complis® is a relatively small company, employing quality over quantity, using skilled and experienced staff to work with our customers to build and implement a solution that continually improves with technology and experience. Our clients include insurance companies, financial institutions, manufacturing companies, business process outsourcing organisations and charities in many countries throughout the world. Our security policies and best practice policies have passed many audits from our clients, many of which obtain ISO9001 and ISO 27001 with the support of Complis®.

Our offices in Corby are the workplace of our dedicated support and development teams, servicing clients around the world, building, supporting, installing, training, developing and enhancing our system for thousands of users.

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