What are the key benefits of Complis® ?

Fully Integrated

Key features –

  • Unify planning and execution, managing and launching your campaigns in a single platform
  • Visibility – access everything you need, quickly and easily
  • Control – access to features, spend limits, approval processes and more
  • Efficiency – reduced instances of rekeying, minimal input and workflows to save time
  • Response Times – real-time collaboration and workflow across disparate teams
  • Time to Market – reduce lead-times with many built in time saving tools and features
  • Accessibility – entirely web based, on any device, at any time, from anywhere

Benefits –

  • Saves time and budgetary management
  • Reduce Spend – typically saving customers over 20% of their previous spend
  • Reduce Obsolescence – order the latest version and correct quantities
  • Reduce Mistakes – helped by intuitive workflows and automated checks
  • Reduce Administration – reducing the administration burden allowing teams to concentrate on core activity
  • Reduce Risk – provides users with a framework for accurate identification and ordering of items
  • International Trading – Multi-currency and multi-lingual

Many systems on the market are a variety of solutions and components loosely bolted together with limited interaction between each module. These require data to be exported from several sources into a data warehouse to run reports and require a great deal of time, resource and money to maintain, as well as not being able to provide real-time management information.

Complis® has been designed and built as one system – built using the latest technologies, a clearly defined list of requirements and an in-depth understanding of critical business processes.

The result is an integrated solution that delivers efficiencies across a wide range of industry sectors and combines best practice workflow methodologies.

Complis® will save you and your team time and money whilst providing improved service levels and value-added services for your customers.

Accessible via any standard web browser, including mobile devices and tablets, Complis® fully integrates critical business processes, eliminates repetitive tasks and automates many steps along the way, whilst leaving you in full control.

Complis® is constantly evolving and improving. Our dedicated in-house development team keep us ahead of our competition and future proof your investment.

Compatible with other software system

Connectivity - How Complis integrates with third party software

Key features –

  • Standard API’s available for common systems
  • Bespoke API’s created on request in house
  • API access to entire system database

Benefits –

  • Saves time by eliminating duplication of data input
  • Automate business processes speaking directly to other systems
  • Instant response from third-party integrations

We understand the need for accessibility whether it’s you, your supplier or your customer, Complis® is accessible to everyone, anywhere and on any device. Ultimately saving time and costs for all involved.

Complis® integrates with your existing legacy systems as well as those of your customers, suppliers and service providers. Integrating with your own systems, such as Sage, SAP or Ariba is very straight forward and usually configured in hours rather than days.

This is also the case when integrating with your customers' e-procurement systems, accounting systems, your couriers' consignment systems, or your suppliers' order processing, JDF or file transfer systems.

You choose the features

You choose just the Complis® features you want to use, and when you want to use them. So rather than buying into a non-flexible ‘one-size-fits-all’ package you have the ability to add more features as your business grows.

This applies right across our three key sector features covering Procurement, Print Management and Marketing. Whatever sector you’re in, any of these Complis® features can work in your specific sector and can be added to your list of Complis® functionality requirements as your business and requirements evolve.

Robust safe pair of hands

Key features –

  • Security Tested and Certified keeping your data and assets safe and secure
  • Hosted by one of the worlds’ most renowned providers
  • Integrates and links securely to existing systems, customers and suppliers
  • Secure infrastructure
  • Secure data centres
  • Architecture and security
  • Compliant with all best practice and Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards
  • PCI Certified
  • Highest levels of resilience
  • Auto-failover & Load-balancing infrastructure

Benefits –

  • 24/7/365 support
  • 150,000 automated checks every day
  • Weekly security audits
  • Data encrypted at rest and in transit
  • Passwords stored using 1-way encryption
  • Helps reduce your carbon footprint

You can be confident when moving your business onto the Complis® platform. Many of our customers rely on Complis® to store and manage all their business-critical data. These customers include companies throughout the world, as well as large corporates, including one of the worlds’ largest insurance companies, several international financial organisations and large charities. Many of our customers have carried out their own due-diligence checks and security audits.


Complis® is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform in Western Europe. The Azure platform offers a robust and reliable infrastructure providing no single point of failure, as well as being easily and, in some cases, automatically scalable. The Azure platform is trusted by many FORTUNE 100 companies.

Architecture and Security

Our applications and databases are hosted on multiple servers and clustering technologies, providing automatic failover for the highest levels of availability. Our application and infrastructure is subject to over 150,000 automated checks every day, as well as weekly independent security audits and certified Payment Card Industry certification.

Business Continuity

Data stored within Complis® is backed up every 6 hours and all files (digital assets) are backed-up every minute. In addition to on-site backups, all databases and assets are backed to alternative oversees Microsoft European Datacentres every hour, providing full resilience against local and national disasters.

Save costs and time

Research conducted by the Aberdeen Group shows that best-in-class systems, such as Complis®, typically saves customers on average 23% of their previous spend by adopting easy-to-use best practice functionality of Complis® that significantly reduces existing administrative tasks.

Complis® provides an integrated technology approach to enable Procurement, Print management and Marketing teams to manage a greater number of projects, more efficiently, in less time and at reduced cost.

The Complis® USP

Unlike other integrated solutions, Complis® is designed to future proof and grow with your business. All the functionality is in one place. Even if you initially purchase a single licence for one element of Complis® functionality - all the other features are available for you to use free of charge as your business evolves.

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