What our customers say about Complis®

British Red Cross

British Red Cross helps people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are. They are part of a global voluntary network, responding to conflicts, natural disasters and individual emergencies. They help vulnerable people in the UK and abroad prepare for, withstand and recover from emergencies in their own communities.

British Red Cross tendered for providers of a Brand Toolkit providing over 3,000 users with access to marketing guidelines, digital assets and artwork creation tools along with the ability to order goods from stock and print on demand. The toolkit required integration with the British Red Cross e-procurement platform for order approval. Integration was also required with their intranet for authentication without the users entering an additional password.

How did Complis® help?

Complis® provided the British Red Cross with a truly seamless solution. Not only integrated with their authentication and e-procurement, but also with their fulfilment warehouse and print suppliers, reducing lead times and improving data reliability.

All areas of the system take into account the different areas of the British Red Cross organisation, so each user sees only relevant content such as writing guidelines, photography guidelines, digital assets and artwork templates. This makes the experience more relevant, familiar and therefore easier to use; making it quicker to get the job done. Certain users within the British Red Cross also have access to create and edit their own artwork templates and content, manage assets, approve spend and delegate editorial rights of content, assets and templates without losing control of the British Red Cross brand.

Complis® worked with British Red Cross to launch a new Toolkit, to create a central brand ‘hub’ to manage and share it’s branded digital assets.

The toolkit includes:

  • One place for employees, suppliers, partners, journalists and others to download approved brand assets, such as logos, fonts, documents and presentations.
  • Upload and create case studies along with creating your own material on demand.
  • Guidelines for how to use the brand assets. Content managed online, browse and download the brand guidelines as PDFs. In addition, when users download one or more brand assets then the appropriate guidelines are included in their download.
  • An approval process for new brand assets. For example, an employee who has downloaded a logo for use in new artwork can upload the finished artwork file for approval. A member of the BRC brand team then either approves the artwork or adds comments and rejects it back to the employee. The approved files remain archived on the site in case they need to be referred to later; for example to find out who approved them.
  • Integration with online ordering, controlling British Red Cross brand with intelligent rules and creating templates within InDesign.
What did success look like?

British Red Cross can now order stock, print on demand, downloads and web to print in one place. Single sign-on (SSO) for BRC employees, so they don’t need to remember yet another username and password combination.

Complis® worked closely with BRC’s graphic designers to produce the visual design that matches the brand identity and makes the site impactful.

Old Mutual Wealth

Old Mutual Wealth is the leading wealth management business in the UK and internationally, helping to create prosperity for the generations of today and tomorrow.

Part of Old Mutual plc, a FTSE 100 group that provides life assurance, asset management, banking and general insurance, Old Mutual is trusted by more than 18.9 million customers across the world and has a total of £327.9 billion assets under management (as at 31 December 2015).

Mosaic Print Management were appointed by OMW (previously Skandia Group) in 2011, for their ability to deliver measurable cost savings, safeguard design continuity and identify with the changing needs of the.

The scope of requirements included UK, Ireland and Isle of Man, mainland Europe, Asia, South Africa and South America.

The contract covered all UK and international print requirements, including:

  • Creative services
  • Artwork and in-house studio
  • Literature and corporate merchandising
  • Online and display content
  • Translation services
  • Mailing activity
  • Braille, large print and audio
  • Vendor management
  • Logistics (storage, pick pack, fulfilment and distribution)

To do this, Complis® helped the Print Management team:

  • Implement robust, competitive supply chains in previously unmanaged geographies
  • Implement Complis® as the end-to-end technology solution
  • Use Complis® to manage all file transfers using secure links to the DAM
  • Match OMW’s existing business processes including current currency, tax and payment arrangements
  • Integrate existing suppliers and the Complis® system to provide a fully online procurement solution extending quotation requests to a wider supplier base to increase competition and reduce costs
How did Complis® help?

Mosaic uses Complis® as its single technology platform. The system is one of the most advanced print procurement systems available and provides an integrated end-to-end artwork creation, approval and procurement workflow. It is a web based SaaS solution that provides Mosaic with the functionality to define and manage the full life cycle of print and promotional items, from concept to fulfilment and invoicing.

Complis® worked with Mosaic to set up and manage product catalogues with more than 670 live products. These were made available for users to search and order using the Complis® web portal functionality. The online catalogue allows products to be set up as stock or available as print on demand items, all controlled and managed within Complis®. The system can also identify stock held at Mosaic’s warehouses, print suppliers or at any of OMW’s worldwide locations.

Complis® maintain an extensive digital asset management system (DAM) comprising all OMW artwork which was easily accessible for artwork origination, amendments and production. Systems functionality maintains accurate version control and approval workflows; essential for Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) compliance.

Working with Mosaic, Complis® also set up predetermined Web2Print templates for OMW internal users, providing real time artwork creation, online proofing, approval workflows and automated routing to the Mosaic Account Management team to manage the printing. This avoids costly and timely artwork set up for OMW and at the same time maintains brand integrity.

Complis® also provides management information such as actuals versus SLA and KPI targets, and the Mosaic Account Management team have a complete view of the different types of print and its usage enabling them to make recommendations to OMW for ways to make savings including reducing the amount of stock held.

What functionality did Complis® provide?

Complis® could provide the following functionality in an integrated solution.

  • Digital Asset Management
  • Artwork creation and approval
  • Business card creation for over 7000 staff globally
  • Document templating and Web2Print
  • Project Management
  • Supplier profiling and management
  • Online estimating and order processing
  • Multi-national warehousing and stock management
  • Online ordering of all corporate literature and merchandise, over 700 orders per month
  • Same day fulfilment and delivery to desk
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Integration into OMW’s ERP system
  • Studio time allocation and logging
What did success look like?

To date, Mosaic has delivered 34% savings on their print costs compared to the incumbent supplier to OMW and are constantly making further recommendations for cost avoidances and process improvements.

Synergy Print Solutions

Synergy Print Solutions is an Australian Print Management Company specialising in providing end-to-end Print Management and fulfilment solutions. They provide a total design, print sourcing, warehousing and delivery solution for their clients.

Synergy does more than manage print, they deliver a fully integrated solution to manage all components of the print and logistics supply chain. Synergy’s approach delivers immediate significant cost savings and ongoing long-term innovation and value for money.

Synergy had experience of print solutions available in the marketplace but found that there was no commercially available software that could fulfil all their needs when it came to the wide range of services they delivered to their clients.

Glen Hastings, Managing Director of Synergy, contacted Complisoft to see if we could provide a compliant solution and Complis® far exceeded the capabilities of any previous system.

How did Complis® help?

Synergy commissioned Complisoft to work with them to implement what they call SPIRIT (Synergy Production, Inventory, Reporting and Information Tool) - this became the backbone of their operation.

Complis® is constantly evolving and this was a big positive for Synergy who could request changes which were implemented and deployed quickly; keeping them ahead of the market.

As a cloud-based SaaS solution the resultant system was scalable, robust and totally secure. Complis® could provide the following functionality in an integrated solution:

  • Digital Asset Management
  • Artwork creation and approval
  • Document templating and Web2Print
  • Project Management
  • Supplier profiling and management
  • Online estimating and order processing
  • Warehousing and fulfilment
  • Online ordering
  • Reporting

Having all of this is a single solution allowed them to be more efficient and more productive, with instant accurate reporting available when customers demanded it.

What did success look like?

After utilising Complis®, Synergy soon won a new client which they claimed they wouldn’t have done without the functionality and support of Complis®. Synergy have grown significantly with the help of Complis® and are continuing to attract new clients and offer more value-added services by embracing Complis®.

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